The Chapel

A highlight at HTM Center is the adobe style Our Lady of Guadalupe church.  An architectural gem, the church was built in 1974 and dedicated in 1981. A picturesque meditation garden and an outdoor path for Stations of the Cross both adjoin the building.  Many of the furnishings and materials are from the surrounding area, while others derive from Italy or from the founding Monastery, Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey in Pecos, New Mexico.  Pictorial tiles on either side of the chapel are pictographs that were used to introduce the Christian faith to native peoples.  Informational booklets about the chapel with directions for a self-guided tour are available in the bookstore.

A residential Benedictine oblate community prays the liturgy of the hours three times daily in the chapel.  These brief services are open to the public.

The chapel is available for rental for Catholic weddings.

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